How to start a successful business online

How to invest $100 and grow to 6 figure?

Invest your 5 min reading this post, if you are willing to take action to earn 6 figure.

If you want to make your first $5 to $20 a month without any investment. I will recommend you to join Fiverr, create a gig and work as a Freelance.

But if you have extra $70 to $100 right now and willing to invest so you can work from home, have time freedom, and enjoy life more then let’s get into the detail process.

The easiest way to turn your $100 today to grow it to 6 figure a year is to start a blog right now. I think I am not the only one who is saying you that some bloggers are making 7 figure a year and if you start it now you can make your first $1000 the second month. Yes, you heard it right $1000 USD.

With the proper guideline you can get back 3-5*times the invest in first month of your blogging. Which is around $300- $500 USD. 

And the second month you can have your first $1000 USD.

I know the fact that many people don’t want to start a blog even if it’s cheaper cause it sound complicated. You might have heard website designing, SEO and other digital marketing terms which makes you think its hard and you can’t do it without a proper skill. This might be holding you back but let me tell you starting a blog is one of the easiest thing you will do this year which will help you to attain financial freedom.

Here’s the step by step guide for you!

First step: Think about a niche you can write or you can give a talk about. The popular niche right now is Travel and Finance. You can start a blog with any name if you don’t know the topic yet. First you just need is to start!

Look at the name of this blog Shambala Studio, we publish content on various topic. We don’t have a niche here.

But our another blog “Influencing Entrepreneur” is about Entrepreneurship/ Finance.

Second step:
Buy a domain and host it.
Here’s to it:
– Head over to Bluehost website.
(We buy site from Bluehost so we can partner with them letter)

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